A Mission-Driven Tribe On Fire

We've created a rewarding, mission-driven career in a niche market providing exclusion-free life insurance for hundreds of thousands of Fire Fighters, Police Officers, and EMS personnel and their families. Our mission at Consolidated Assurance is to protect those who put themselves in harm's way and we are dedicated to serving the brave men and women who make up local First Responder agencies. We selectively contract, extensively train, and intentionally deploy/support dedicated agents across the U.S. to serve this mission. Our family-owned and operated organization has experienced strong, continuous growth since our inception in 2010 through a focus on being ALL IN (in the field, with your family, and in all of life).

Success in our company is simple, but not easy. In a nutshell — do the honest hard work and you'll see the rewards. We're a “unicorn” of a company, with a tribe ON FIRE to become the best version of themselves, all while making a positive impact in the lives of First Responders and their families. This is true, from our home office staff to our agents in the field. We stand by the philosophy that as we grow personally, so grows the company. This is one of the many highlights that make this career rewarding!

Join A Tribe On Fire

Paired with a rewarding career, the committed work we do in agencies generationally impacts the families of First Responders.

A Home Office That
Supports Your Business

Our company is equipped with a highly talented, mission-driven team, dedicated to providing the in-field support, customer service, marketing, and technology you'll need to grow your business as you serve First Responders in an exclusive territory. Below are just a few of the roles that make up our dynamic team.

  • In-Field Trainers
  • Compliance Officer
  • Retention Specialists
  • Customer Service
  • Member Liaisons
  • Payment Support
  • Technical Managers
  • Marketers
  • Videographers
  • Video Editors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Copywriters

Start your rewarding career on the shoulders of a dedicated team!

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Reach out to our team at careers@consolidatedassurance.com.